Faith in a Changing Climate

An Opportunity for Church Leadership


Faith in a Changing Climate


Church Leadership

As I write these words, California and Oregon are on fire — already six of the largest wildfires in California’s history have occurred this year, and the fire season is just starting.  And this after record-setting wind speeds in the hurricane that hit Lake Charles, Louisiana, and yet another year of record heat here in central Virginia. Climate change is not something that will happen in the future — it’s happening now. Time is not on our side.


Now is the time for the church to provide much-needed leadership as we enter this new and rather frightening world — an Age of Limits.


At this site we describe not only the predicaments that we face — that’s the easy part — but also show how people of faith, and the church overall, can deliver the needed leadership. 


It is suggested that our response needs to be built around the following points:


  • Understand and tell the truth.

  • Accept and adapt.

  • Live within the biosphere.


The following is the Mission Statement for this site.

To work with people of faith and with churches to provide technically sound leadership in response to the predicaments of a finite world

The Mission Statement is discussed at theMission Statement page.


Latest Information

There is always news to do with the issues that we discuss at this site. Therefore, we publish a monthly newsletter summarizing some recent events and information updates. This month’s letter— September 2020 — contains information to do with the following topics.

  • The church’s Season of Creation.

  • The hot summers in central Virginia and California.

  • The decline and near collapse of the shale oil (“fracking”) business.

  • A comparison between today’s oil industry and the coal industry of just a few years ago.

  • The blog post The New Normal (10): A Theological Paradigm Shift that discusses how the pandemic has created rapid progress on issues that have been effectively ignored for many years.

New Site: Technology in a Changing Climate

We have a matching site called Technology for a Changing Climate. Although it is unlikely that there is a magic technological bullet that will reverse climate change and the other difficulties we talk about, there are technical responses that can help reduce the impact of these changes, or the speed with which they occur.

The two sites actually complement one another. This site is mostly to do with individual response and spiritual issues. Technology in a Changing Climate focuses on technology, and on ways in which society as a whole can respond. Both are needed, and we should participate in both approaches.

Video Series

We are developing a series of videos to do with Faith in a Changing Climate. The following videos are available.

1. Introduction

Provides an introduction to the information and guidance provided at this site. Includes a very brief overview of the ‘Age of Limits’ and our Mission Statement.


Organization of this Site

The menu bar at the top of each page shows that the site is organized into the following sections.



This where we are now. This page explains the purpose and goals of the site. A description of the book Faith in a Changing Climate is provided.


Posts that are mostly to do with current events.


At this page we provide a wide range of articles and other material to do with the themes of this site, including a description of the term ‘Age of Limits’.


In this section we discuss how people of faith, and the church overall, can respond to the crises and challenges that we face.


Before taking action, we need an intellectual and spiritual basis for the work that we do. In other words, we need a theology that is relevant to our times. In this section we discuss the work of theologians in the past who have addressed the issues faced by societies going through overwhelming change. We also provide three theological discussion points that may be help professional theologians as they respond to the dilemmas posed by an Age of Limits.


My Journey

I have been working on Age of Limits issues, starting with Peak Oil, for more than ten years. It also describes my own journey as I learned more about the other issues, particularly climate change and biosphere destruction, that are such important parts of the overall Age of Limits concept.

My brief autobiography is provided here.



Every week, as time and bandwidth permit, we publish a blog post (at a different site) to do with the issues that we discuss. An overview of some of the more recent posts is provided here.



This page provides information to do with our organization. It also expands on the above discussion to do with the goals of the materials that we publish and why these challenges are an opportunity for church leadership.


Contact Us

No one has all the answers to the challenges that face us. We are looking at very complex systems, each of which is difficult to understand on its own. Therefore, we would love to hear from you, and to receive your thoughts and suggestions.

Two Approaches


Broadly speaking, there are two approaches to responding to the predicaments that we face: ‘top-down’ or ‘bottom-up’. Both approaches are needed, and most people will work in both areas at different times. Further discussion of this distinction is provided at the Top-Down / Bottom-Up page.

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