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Hello, my name is Ian Sutton — a warm welcome to you.

We are all aware that climate change is a serious problem, and that it is getting much worse. We are also aware that society’s response to this crisis has been woefully inadequate. Now is the time for people of faith and the church to step up and provide much-needed leadership. 

At this site we consider what form that leadership might take. We also recognize that action on its own is not enough — we need a new way of thinking, a new theology, to help guide us through what are going to be increasingly difficult times.

Our Mission Statement is, 

Enable people of faith to provide technically sound, spiritually-based leadership in a finite world.

Part of that mission is to develop a theology that is appropriate for our times. We suggest that such a theology should consider the following themes:

  • Understand physical realities;

  • Accept and adapt; and

  • Live within Gaia.


In addition to the material provided at this web site, we will be publishing a book with the title Faith in a Changing Climate. We also publish posts on these themes at our blog.

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