• Ian Sutton

What Is Truth?

Pontius Pilate asking Jesus, “What is truth?”

Pontius Pilate asking Jesus, “What is truth?”

One of the themes of our posts is that we need to develop a theology for our times. I have suggested three topics that can be used when considering what that theology may look like. They are:

– Understand and tell the truth; – Accept and adapt; and – Live within the biosphere.

In last week’s post — 2021: The Church as a Leader — we saw that the church has not offered much leadership during the current pandemic. But neither have the civil authorities. As we enter the new year the church has an opportunity to fill this void. In particular, there will be a need for the ceremony and ceremonial functions that is such an important part of the church’s service to the community.

This week we look at the first of the above points: Understand and tell the truth.

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