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The materials at this site, the book and the blog are all part of the Sutton Technical Books organization. This page provides an overview of these activities, along with other publications and products from the company. To contact us, please use the Contact Us Form.



Our book Faith in a Changing Climate is currently available in draft form. Details are provided at the Book page.

Blog New City of God

Our blog New City of God or ‘Faith in an Age of Limits’ is hosted at another platform. Every week, as time permits, we publish a post, usually to do with current events. During the first half of the year 2020, for example, we published a series of posts to do with the ‘New Normal’ — the post COVID-19 world, and the lessons is provides for us in the longer term.

The title ‘New City of God’ was chosen because some of the issues that we face now are comparable to what Roman society faced early in the 5th century CE. The great theologian Augustine of Hippo recognized that all human societies and organizations (cities of men) eventually decline and disappear. Just look at all the “failed states” in the Hebrew Bible: Assyria, Ancient Egypt, Israel, Babylon — to name just a few. Augustine said that only the City of God was permanent. In his book City of God he attempts to understand the nature of that permanent city — its constitution, so to speak. We need something similar now.

Some of the posts are in a series to do with the New Normal — the lessons we may learn from the COVID-19 pandemic as we face the greater crises of climate change and resource depletion.


Facebook Page

Our Facebook page is Climate Change Theology. You are invited to join the group.

Process Safety Books

Technical Books

The following technical books are available from the Sutton Technical Books site.

Ebooks / Safety Moments

A wide range of ebooks to do with engineering and process safety management is available here.

We also provide many free Safety Moments.

Process Safety Moments

LinkedIn Pages

We manage two LinkedIn groups. The first is to do with offshore safety. It is SEMS (Safety and Environmental Management Systems). The second is The Process Safety Report. Both are to do with the management of safety in the process and energy industries.

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