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One of the writers who has strongly influenced me is John Michael Greer. He posted regularly at the now discontinued blog The Archdruid Report. (He writes now at Ecosophia.) His insights were very helpful when I was learning about Peak Oil. One of his quotations in particular framed my way of thinking.

There is no brighter future.


For me, that was an ‘Aha!’ moment. It ‘clicked’ that there are no solutions to the Peak Oil dilemma. There are responses — and some of those responses may be worth pursuing — but none of them will make the Peak Oil quandary go away. There is only so much crude oil in the Earth’s crust, and, when it is gone it is gone. Hence, we need to,

Accept and adapt

It was not much of an intellectual leap to recognize that the same insight applies to climate change. Climate change is not a problem to be solved; climate change is a predicament to which we need to respond.

John Michael Greer
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